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The value and function of the hotels & resorts signage project

  • hotels & resorts signage project can be seen everywhere in our life, whether it is with arrow or without arrow, hotels & resorts signage project brings great convenience to People's Daily life. Meanwhile, Some hotels & resorts signage projects in addition to the role of guidance, but also have a certain decorative role, can also be understood as viewing value.

    Graphic identification plate: This kind of sign plate occupies an important position in the front end of the guidance sign system, and the interaction time with Hu Yong is generally at the front end. The more common school plan, park scenic plan, hospital plan, and the location distribution map of large commercial places belong to the scope of this plane diagram. It is made into various styles of signage placed at the entrance location.

    Public place instructions and service signs, related public places are usually relatively dense, such as airports, subway stations, bus stations and other transportation hubs, such signs have no arrows, but also have a guiding role, such as signs at bus stations and subway platforms. Generally, there is marked information on the above is generally the station information of the vehicle past and the station information of the transfer, there is no arrow, but it can tell passengers very clearly what station to do what car.

    Traffic direction signs, travel will involve traffic, and our lives inseparable sign products may be the most is the traffic direction signs, but most people do not take it seriously when using it, the general traffic direction signs are with a clear arrow point, the specific arrow will mark the direction and the building or place name

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