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How does a pop up book manufacturer make it

  • In daily life, people are often attracted by some exquisite pop up book manufacturers when they buy goods. How are these exquisite pop up book manufacturer processed and created? What are the small details that need attention? Below the small edition of the printing factory for everyone to understand it!

    1, specifications, each pop up book manufacturer before planning, we will clarify its specifications. When confirming the specifications of the carton, we must first look at the commonly used material of this small box in the middle and late period of packaging and printing, which is actually the paper thickness of the carton. Basically, there is corrugated paper and no corrugated paper, there is corrugated paper, generally use E tiles, and the general printing paper without corrugated paper is relatively hard. Therefore, before planning, it is necessary to confirm the thickness of the paper, and then to enlarge the specifications, without elaborately designed specifications, because the printing paper is finished, the final object cannot be installed.

    2, pop up book manufacturer, are printed materials, so must be in the vector software design and layout design.

    3, if the shape design of the carton is more special, then we must draw the knife line, but also put their own knife fishing group together, because the color printing factory is in accordance with your knife line to make the knife mold.

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